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Sky TV Gandia

Monday, April 1, 2013

Sky TV Gandia. Default Transponder Frequency Setting for Sky HD Boxes in Gandia. 2012 New EPG

If you have experienced a power cut and are having problems rebooting your Sky HD Box for Sky TV Gandia, then you may have to help your Sky HD box to boot up.

You will be seeing the "No Satellite Signal" message on your Sky set top box.

Sky TV Gandia, No Satellite Signal Sky Boxes Gandia
Sky TV Gandia, No Satellite Signal Sky Boxes Gandia

You may need to do the reset after un plugging - Standard / HD SKY Receiver reset:

Should you experience a power cut or message “No Satellite Signal Being Received” please follow these easy instructions to reset the Sky HD Box (for High Definition Boxes)

1. Unplug the box from the power for 15 seconds, then reapply the power.

2. On the remote press SERVICES

3. On the remote press 0 0 1 SELECT

4. You have now be looking at the installer setup menu

5. On the remote press RIGHT to go to TXPONDER / Default Transponder

6. Press DOWN on the remote to go to the first line.

7. Change the frequency (the first number) from 11778 to another using the number buttons on the remote control.
You can use a number of different frequencies - there is no "exclusive" one that you use.
Popular ones are 12207, 12051, 12285, 11817.

8. Press the GREEN button on the remote to "Save New Settings".

8. Press the SKY button on the remote control and wait while the box download the channel list.

9. The information bamnner should populate with details for Sky Info Channel 998 - although you may not receive this actual channels, you can make sure your other channels are there by trying 501 Sky News.

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