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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Changes to the BBC Sports stream frequencies - loss of BBC News and Sports streams in Gandia.

As part of the BBCs process to close down one of their satellite transponder frequencies in a bid to save money, the BBC Sports streams have changed frequencies.

As mentioned on , BBC News, BBC Alba and BBC Parliament have moved to another frequency.

The BBC Sports streams have now moved onto this vacated frequency.

Sky box and Freesat box users will not have to do anything, as your boxes will automatically update tot he new frequencies.

Users of non Sky and Non freesat "generic" or free to air boxes will have to performa scan of the new frequency for the BBC SPorts Streams.

The new frequency for the BBC Sports stream is 11954 h 27.5 2/3.

They are currently showing as channels with the names of "6711 6712 6713 6714 6715".

This process by the BBC will mean that users of Sky boxes and Freesat boxes, who used to use the BBC News channel and the Red Button 3001 process to access the BBC Sports Multiscreen streams on a small satellite dish, will no longer be able to receive these BBC Sports stream, as you will no longer have access to a BBC channel on your small satellite dish to launch the Red Button application.


At the moment (30/9/11) you can add the BBC Streams from the new BBC Sports stream frequency of 11954H.

input frequency of 11954 H
find channels
press yellow next to the channel labelled as "6711 6712 6713 6714 6715" which will place a tick next to those channels.

These stored channels will appear in the the Sky box's "other channels" list.

However, there will be video, but no audio.

So the current workaround is:

In the services menu, go to 4 systms set up,
then language and subtitles,
and change the Favourite language to anything other than English,

You can currently get audio on the new "streams", and its still fine on most of the other channels also

Sunday, September 18, 2011

BBC News frequency changes affecting reception on Sky TV and Freesat TV in Gandia

During this week - commencing 19 September 2011

BBC News will move to new frequency 10803 H 22000-5/6
BBC Alba will move to new frequency 10818 V 22000-5/6
BBC Parliament will move to new frequency 10788 V 22000-5/6

BBC News will be moving to a weaker satellite beam, and this beam may not be available 24/7 even on the big 2.4m Portuguese satellite dishes in Spain.

More information on

Gandia Fair and Fiesta 2011 / Fira i Festes Gandia 2011

Gandia Fair and Fiesta 2011 / Fira i Festes GAndia 2011

Gandia 16 September - October 12, 2011

Gandia Fair and Fiesta 2011 / Fira i Festes Gandia 2011

- Exhibition of 700 years of the Gandia Fira (1311-2011)

From September 16 to October 12 the House of Culture Marques de Gonzalez de Quiros, hosts the exhibition of 700 years of the Gandia Fira 1311-2011. Curated by Alvaro Garcia, manager of IMAB shows the evolution of the fair from start to the present, in chronology and images. The exhibition can be visited free Monday through Saturday from 10 to 14 and 18 to 20 h.

-Guided tours of the Palazzo Ducale.

Visiting days will be Thursday September 29, Friday September 30 and October 1 at 11.00, 12.00, 13.00, 17.00, 18.00 and 19.00 hours. And on Sunday 2 and Monday 3 October at 11.00, 12.00 and 13.00 hours.

29 and September 30 will share a total of 78 entries between visiting hours and a maximum of two tickets per person. On October 1st 72 tickets will be distributed and the remaining 36 days.

MAGA-open days.

A along the Fira i Festes Days, visitors who come to the Maga may:

- Visiting the offices of the Old Hospital de Sant Marc, now home of Maga, building founded by Alfons el Vell to s. XIV.
- Know the permanent exhibition focusing on the prehistory of the region of the Costa Blanca, are the remains found at the Cave and Cave Bolomor Parpalló.
- Participate in the demonstrations to be held in the "prehistoric settlement" installed in the courtyard. Visitors can learn about the activities of daily life of prehistoric societies: how they adorned, as they hunted, such as cooking, where they lived, as did fire, listening to what dreams ....
These demonstrations will be held on Friday and Saturday at 12h00 and 17h00, and Sunday and Monday at 12h00.

Museum hours will be:
Friday and Saturday from 10 to 14h 15 to 19h.
Sunday and Monday from 10 to 14.
30 to October 3 at Maga entry is free.

Dressage Show-Mediterranean Aires.
Organize Equestrian Center Los Robles.
Sunday October 2 at 12.00. Strap on the square.

Vespa-Safor Association, an exhibition of classic wasps. Street Sunday 2 Sant Francesc de Borja. Starting at 10.00 h.
Motor-Gandia Association Classic. Classic Car Exhibition. Street Sunday 2 Sant Francesc de Borja. Starting at 10.00 h.
Bonsai Exhibition.
Organizers: Bonsai Club-Gandia Costa Blanca
Garden of the Casa de Cultura.
Opening September 28 at 19.30 h. The days of the fair will be open from 10.30 to 14 and from 17.30 to 22.30. After the exhibition will show permanently in the garden of the Casa de Cultura.

Concerts by Melendi, Isabel Pantoja, the Dynamic Duo or Maldita Nerea, on the Plaza of Mosset

Check the schedule to be informed of all events

Friday, September 16, 2011

Sky Sports on Sky TV in Gandia Free Weekend September 24 to 26

Sky Sports are giving non-Sky Sports customers a whole weekend of world-class sport for free.

From 6am on Saturday September 24 to 6am on Monday 26, even if you don't have a Sky Sports subscription you can watch all the sporting action on all five Sky Sports channels including Sky Sports News.

And for those of you who have the HD box and an HD package with Sky or Virgin Media, you can feast your eyes on all the weekend's action in stunning HD on Sky Sports HD1, HD2, HD3 & HD4 as well as Sky Sports News HD

More information at

Monday, September 12, 2011

BBC Astra Satellite Frequency Changes in September and October 2011 - may affect your Sky TV / BBC TV reception in Gandia

The BBC is making some changes to BBC News, BBC Parliament and BBC Alba.

These channels will be moving from their present transponder / frequency (11954/H/27500), which is available nice and easy for expats as it is a wide European beam, to transponders / frequencies on the narrow beam Astra 2D.

This will mean that expats wanting to watch these three channels, BBC News, BBC Parliament and BBC Alba, and who cannot receive the narrow beam Astra 2 transmissions where domestic BBC, ITV, Channel4 and Channel 5 are to be found, will be affected, as they will no longer be able tor recevie these channels.

The changes are due to BBC cost cutting and the corporation will also be cutting the number of Red Button streams, thus releasing a whole wide band transponder, and saving the BBC an estimated £5m a year, by no longer renting that transponder.

This will also mean that those people who use a Sky box, and the BBC News Red Button service to access the BBC Sports Red Button serives, will no longer have access to a BBC channel to launch the red button appplication, and so they will lose access to the sports on those "bbc streams.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Alicante-Valencia rail link land grab

THE REGIONAL public works council has released details of the land that is to be expropriated ahead of the building of the Alicante to Valencia coastal rail link.

The building of the rail line will see property in Alicante, Muchamiel, Campello, San Vicente, Agost, Monforte, Villajoyosa and Benidorm expropriated.

Owners of the affected land now have two months in which to view the plans in their respective town halls and present their appeals should they wish to do so.

Last April, regional government reached an agreement with the public works ministry under which it agreed to build the 82 kilometre stretch of the line between Alicante and Dénia and the ministry would build the remaining 58 kilometres from Dénia to Gandía.

The cost of the project has been put at 1,500 million euros and it envisages a rail link between Alicante airport and Benidorm that will move people between the two destinations in just 36 minutes. Benidorm is listed as being one of the 50 most populated urban areas in Spain yet it is the only one that does not have a proper main line rail link.