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Sky TV Gandia

Thursday, May 19, 2011

British TV in Gandia

I recently visited someone, who lived just outside Valencia, who had a Sky satellite TV system installed by a company based in the south of the Costa Blanca area of Spain.

Pursuaded by price, this "satellite TV installation company" based in south Alicante arrived. The client was first bemused to see this companys idea of a "concrete plinth" to support the satellite dish. Four curb stones were laid out and the satellite support bolted to it.

The cable run was attached to the was in a most haphazard and seemingly random manner, like a child had drawn it!

However, all was OK for the client for a few months, but then circumstances dictated that he move back to the UK. So he contacted his original Sky satellite installers, with a view of doing a deal to buy back the equipment. After all it had only been used for a few month.

According to the client, the original Sky satellite installers basically said "No sorry we dont do buy backs, and anyway you are too far away for us. You will have to sort it out yourself".

So I went to the clients after discussing a deal. The client was initially OK with his installation but after a few days reception was not as good as he had been promised. When he had called the original Sky satellite installers , they had said next time they are in the area they would come around and realign his satellite dish.

Well, suffice to say the four curb stones the dish was stood on were not level, and wobbling around. The smallest gust of wind and the dish was moving around. So the dish was not installed correctly in the first place.

The client was more than happy with the deal I did to buy his system back from him. And even better for me, he passed my name around to his work mates, who have also called upon my services.

If you are interested in Sky TV in Gandia, or any satellite television in Gandia, or its surrounding areas live Oliva or Denia, then you will need to contact "The Sat and PC Guy".